Hi everyone! so starting from today, we will be updating the blog with school events that take place in our school. Our writers will be covering several events and we promise it’ll be good. The admin will be posting summarized versions of the events that are covered, so look forward to it!

Pictures and Comments

Hey all! Sorry but due to some technical difficulties the admin faces while trying to update the blog at home, the pictures for some posts may only be posted on Wednesdays when we have access to the school computer during CCA time. Sorry for the delay! Also, since one of you have commented on the article, we thought we should bring up the subject on commenting. If you want to comment, you can use any account to comment as long as you leave your name at the end of your comment. Thanks!


A warm hello and welcome to all :)

Hello, this is a platform owned by SN Publications, solely for posting updates about anything and everything that interests students. We welcome not just our students but also members of the general public to browse through our future articles and updates. please be patient with us as we work on this new blog to post new updates regularly. That’s all for now! 🙂 We hope to receive support from all of you. Feedback on how to improve and your preferences will be much appreciated!

– admin