Dive into the underwater world with Aquaman in this groundbreaking movie as he battles against his own step brother who tries to take over both the land and sea world. This movie is packed with action and is sure to keep you on your feet with its suspenseful plot twists intertwined. Aquaman tells the story of a man who lives both on land and the ocean because his mother is from Atlanta while his father is from land. When his stepbrother from the underwater world tries to start a war with mankind, it is Aquaman’s calling to claim the throne that so rightfully belongs to him in order to obtain a trident that will enable him to stop the war. With the help of his friend from Atlanta, he goes on a search for a missing trident that will give him the power to conquer his stepbrother, and end the war before both his homes are destroyed forever.

After watching the movie, I felt that the movie was filmed very well, with interesting  fight scenes and the fascinating plot which kept me on the edge of my seat. I also liked the emotional aspect of the movie as he had to choose between his two homes.  I am also moved by his longing for his mother who disappeared when he was a very young boy. The few romantic scenes such as when aquaman falls in love with his sidekick also add the final touch of emotion in this blockbuster.  Lastly, it was humorous at times with Aquaman’s sarcastic remarks and blunt replies, which made it a very enjoyable film to watch overall and I would highly recommend you to watch it!

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