Where to go in Penang for Instagrammable photos

When visiting Penang, many may just look forward to the delectable local cuisine and the cheap souvenirs. But do you know that Penang has plenty of Instagram-worthy places to visit to spice up your Instagram game? Below are some recommended places to visit in Penang for some Instagrammable sights!

1.Love Lane

Love Lane, or Lorong Cinta, is a long alley situated in the heart of George Town. The trail features dozens of wall art by local artists that set the vibe of the overall area–hipster and funky.

penang 2.png

There is no official explanation behind Love Lane’s name and the locals have differing explanations for it. Some believe that it was named after a British officer, named Love, who stayed there during the British colonial period while others think that it was the site of 19th century brothels for sailors and soldiers, thus the name, Love Lane.

2.The Blue Mansion

Located down the road from Love Lane, The Blue Mansion, also known as Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion, is a UNESCO Conservation and Heritage award winning tourist attraction. With its beautifully vibrant blue walls that simply cannot be missed, many visitors the Blue Mansion which was constructed before the end of the 19th Century–even if they do not stay in the hotel.

There are guided mansion tours daily which will provide one with further insight into the story behind the architecture and history of George Town’s first heritage hotel.

penang 8.png3.Hin Bus Depot

An abandoned bus depot of the past, Hin Bus Depot has now evolved to become an inclusive, full-fledged art space with a cafe. Located a stone’s throw away from George Town, Hin Bus Depot was established just four years ago in 2014. The vintage space often holds exhibitions and street art by local and international artists as well as parties, festivals and fashion events.


penang 6

The space is like a canvas for young emerging artists from local and around the world with different cultures and backgrounds to share and learn together.

4.Armenian Street

Armenian Street, named after the nation-state of Armenia, was originally part of a Malay settlement but the subsequent influx of Armenians and Chinese helped to shape the street’s colourful and multicultural character.


Aside from the colourful murals, Armenian Street also boasts beautiful lanterns that light up at night, giving off a 60s feel as you stroll alongside the traditional shophouses. A bonus would definitely be the flea market with stores selling a range of items from handmade accessories to street food unique to Penang such as Ice Kachang Ball and Penang Lok Lok.

penang 11

Hopefully on your next trip to Penang you can head down to the above locations and check out some of the mentioned locations and snap some insta-worthy shots!

Ang Yen Chi

3 Unity


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