Gone were the days of old

where we laughed, cried and told

to love the winds of growth

to hear the chimes of gold.

It took you far away

and led you astray

and yet I simply wonder

if you had made a blunder.

Shrieks of pain outlawed

the clouds of change foresaw.

Dictated was your freedom

Forgone was your wisdom.

You became a husk

empty, mindless, weak.

The glimmer that was seen

Flickered, faltered and faded.




All descriptions of the heart

But what is worse, mon amie-

Not knowing, or not acting?

Reflection: This poem was written to reflect close friends who have drifted apart due to circumstances surrounding their family and how one sees the other have her spirit broken from life’s trials and turbulences. It places an emphasis on how a relationship can drift apart easily but at the same time provide a clarity to the situation each other is placed in.


Yeo Hui Min Mandy

3 Wisdom


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