In Another Universe

in another universe

I push the door open with the strength of the frustration welling inside me combined. With thundering footsteps, I storm to my room and slam my bag down to the floor. Their words, spoken to me just half an hour before, echo in my mind, not wanting to leave me alone. I wonder, what is it with me? Why do I have to be so different from the others? Why can’t I be a normal girl who leads a normal life? The thoughts burst out in my head like raindrops on a particularly rainy day. However, soon, the jazz music oozing from my aunt’s bedroom upstairs soothes and distracts me a little at the same time.

In another universe, happiness would have rained down on me instead.

 Pulling out my hair tie, I then proceed to position myself in front of the mirror and mark out all the things that make me different, a daily ritual I seem to have adopted once I arrived in this town. The thin scars that spot my skin; the too-dark skin; the wounds which never seem to heal. All part of me, and not once did anybody accept that. I gaze into the hazel-brown orbs looking back at me.

In another universe, I would be the most beautiful. I would be the most welcomed.

 My aunt’s voice calls out from somewhere above, like the whispers of the trees in midnight. Or like when you are underwater, sinking in the deep ocean, and everything seems so far away and dream-like. I continue staying rooted to the spot. The harsh words uttered to me still linger in my mind, refusing to let go.

In another universe…

 As I stand in front of the mirror, staring at my reflection, I look into that other universe.


Chloe Tan

1 Unity




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