Dance Moms

Dance moms 3

Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, JoJo, Nia, Kalani… you name it! These brilliant dance stars have definitely stolen my heart when it comes to everything that has to do with dance. Premiered on July 13 2011, this reality television show, Dance Moms, follows a demanding dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller, as she paves the way for young dancers and their mothers to stardom. In 2015, it even won the Kids Choice Awards for Favourite Reality Show.

As captivating as it seems, the tenacious teen girls have worked incredulously hard for the show to have earned such a huge title. They have weekly dance competitions and having a demanding and stringent dance instructor definitely does not make it an easier job for the girls to cope with. “ Second place is the first loser”, is Abby’s motto for success. Intolerable to failure, Abby has developed a reputation for pushing her students to the edge of their capabilities,  which is no wonder why these girls are such stunning and well-known dancers. Imagine having weekly competitions, a dance instructor who is always on a “ beast-mode”, strict mothers who sets unbelievably high expectations for you and perfecting your arts in dance, all at the same time. What an enormous amount of burden! However, all the hard work and effort put in is, without a doubt, worth it.

If that is not enough, the girls also have to constantly deal with the  petty little quarrels amongst the mothers and occasionally, even Abby. As expected, there would be some tension amongst them, especially with all the competitions, in which the competitive mothers want their daughters to top the charts. At times, when they observe that their daughters are treated too harshly or unfairly, and when the dance instructor have extraordinarily high standards, the protective parents would also talk Abby out of it, and if all else fails, an argument breaks out. Unfortunately, the show was abruptly cancelled on 24/10 due to Abby Lee Miller who was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for fraud.

I love this amazing television show, despite all the drama, as I am absolutely passionate about dancing. Although I lack the talent, this show gives me hope, that maybe, one day, I too can be as successful as these young yet talented individuals, or at least be a talented and skillful dancer.

“ Dance Moms”, such a sweet and simple name for a TV show, yet once in awhile, I would re-watch the episodes on Dance Moms, as my passion for dancing burns brightly in my heart.

Htoo Myat Noe

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