Self Love Hacks

Self Love 1.jpg

(photo by myself)

“one breath ends, and another begins. just as this moment ends, and another begins, following an endless cycle of beginnings and endings, endings and beginnings.”


To what end do we live our lives? If we only pause for a moment and listen to the quieter sounds of our inner world, what would we hear? The fast-paced momentum of this modern day society has undeniably silenced our inner voices, which are gradually diminishing as time passes. It is time for us to live out the ideals of our lives and create memories as we immortalise each and every single one of them into our deepest archives along this perpetual journey of discovery. It is time for us to dedicate ourselves with more self-love and appreciation.

Instead of the typical daily lifestyle habits that we have become perpetually immune to, why not elevate life to more adventures and experiences and start basking in the beauty that novelty brings about.

Here are some life hacks towards a more fruitful and healthier lifestyle.

Start a fresh new day with a healthy breakfast to rejuvenate yourself. Rise and shine earlier than you have ever before, and prepare an avocado toast with cashew nuts, raisins and chia seeds to fill your tummy!

Self Love 2.png

Self Love 3.jpg

(photo by myself)

Sashimi salad with baked baby potatoes

Indulge in healthy workouts at exotic places such as Xiao Guilin @ Bukit Batok for a great deal of novelty. Let the serenity and tranquility of nature bring peace to your soul in this ever-beating modern civilisation.

Self Love 4

Keeping a gratitude journal to reflect on the little blessings at the end of each day

Self Love 5.png

(photo by lavendaire)

I genuinely hope that you will have a familiar conviction that life begins all over again upon every single dawn

Written By: Sarah Tok, 4 Truth

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