Owning and Hacking Your Life

I’m sure everyone is busy with their own lives, having to struggle through the morning traffic, queuing for canteen food and trying not to splurge so that they can save up on their money to buy tickets for various events. Here are some life hacks to make your life a little easier.

  1. Have Fun Without Spending

People often say, “You get what you paid for.” How about you get something for free? What if it was a fun experience? That’s right, you can have fun without paying for anything! Go to the various museums situated around Singapore, hang out and chill in the parks, or even sign up with DBS for its Sailing at the Bay program- all for FREE! Maybe then, you’ll be able to attend that anime festival or K-pop concert that you saved for without compromising your own “Me Time”.1

2.Personal Homework Helpers

Students have tough lives. They have so much homework to do and so little time to do things that they want. However, there are some programs to make the work less tedious and more comprehensive for students to understand. For example, there is an app called Photomath which will help you with your needs in solving algebraic equations and quadratic functions. This will certainly reduce the time being stuck with one question, where the app will offer explanations for the various steps taken to solve the question. Another app is Snapask, where dedicated tutors will help to answer any queries that you might have about a certain subject. Although some may say that phones are a distraction to homework, these apps help prove that when used in the right manner, phones can become an asset to finishing work on time.

3.Public Transport Guides

Do you remember being late for appointments with your friend and family? Have you been late to school before? For those taking public transport, you’re in luck! Apps such as SG BusLeh, Citymapper and MyTransport help you to plan your travelling routes so that you wouldn’t have to suffer that groan of annoyance when you arrive. Planning your time well is important, so do remember to check out these apps to ensure you will not be late! After all, saving some time on travel will be an optimal way to spend more time on what you love doing the most

4.What about food?

Food is pretty much a pastime of Singaporeans. We love food, but it is always such a hassle to stand in long queues to get into a restaurant. What we really need is Chope, an app that allows you to make reservations at restaurants. They also include an overview of the restaurant, menus and reviews, making sure that the quality of food you pick is good and up to standard. However, what if we have no time to even go out for dinner? No worries, as food delivery services such as foodpanda and Deliveroo can come to your rescue. These services are great for people who are unable to leave their office to get their meals but still want to savour delicious food to perk up.


All in all, Singaporeans live hectic lives and these little hacks of convenience can really help to save time and money for those who need it, eventually helping them to improve their quality of life. So head on out with these nifty tools and you’ll find yourself having an easier time than before.

Yeo Hui Min Mandy

3 Wisdom

Sources: http://www.thefinder.com.sg/singapore-expat-life/living-singapore/5-time-saving-life-hacks-everyone-living-singapore-should-know




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