Hacks for the school year

School Hacks 1

The shrill screeching of your alarm jolts you awake, and you unwillingly throw on your uniform as you mentally prepare yourself for another semester of endless stress. You wish for the first day of school to be one of catching up with friends and meeting new teachers. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want, and instead you are presented with five new projects, eight new academic chapters you understand nothing of, and eyebags so sunken they could have been imprinted into your face.

School has often gotten the better of us, making our physical and mental well-beings twin disasters. Here are some life hacks that you may find useful to pull through this hectic semester (and year).

  1. It is proven to be easier to remember things you have written in blue ink rather than black ink.
  2. Trying to memorise something? Writing it out is 7 times more effective than reading it again and again, but saying it out is the most effective.
  3. Studying the notes the same day you take your examination gives you a 60% higher chance of remembering the content.
  4. Setting your timetable as your phone’s home screen background helps you remember it more clearly. Never forget to wear your PE attire again!
  5. If you don’t want to be called on, writing something or drinking water greatly reduces your chances.
  6. Put your essays into Google Translate to pick out spelling or grammatical errors.
  7. The command ‘ctrl-shift-t’ will reopen a closed tab on Google Chrome.
  8. If you’re giving a presentation and forget what you say, drink some water and gather your thoughts.
  9. Don’t be afraid to speak up: in class, to make new friends, or to talk to teachers.
  10.  Use two notebooks: one for class, and one to consolidate and organise your class notes.


These hacks are not foolproof, but there is a possibility that they can help you make your school life more productive. However, do take note not to overwork yourself, and let yourself take breaks and allow yourself some space to fail. Grades are important, but they are not the be all and end all.

All the best for the school year of 2018!

Chua Wei Ting (4P)







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