Prince Cheese Potato (Taipei)

Prince Cheese Potato 1

On my previous trip to Taipei, I had a chance to try one of Taiwan’s must-eat street food and it tasted really good! For a cheese lover like me, it was almost hard to resist this snack as the smell of cheese and potato was lingering around as I passed by people savouring this snack.

The cheese potato is actually a snack that is in a box containing ingredients such as bacon bits, corn, ham, egg, turkey, together with mashed potato and overflowing nacho cheese on top of everything. At first, I was a little taken aback and curious about how all these ingredients tasted together but seeing how almost everyone had a box in their hands, I decided to try it.

On the first bite, I was overwhelmed by the different tastes clashing together all at once, but on the second try, the taste was much better in the sense that the cheese was not too cheesy for my liking and all the different tastes complemented each other making the snack really delicious. It was a really great feeling eating this warm snack in Taipei’s cold weather and frankly, I am rather missing it.

Overall, I feel that everyone should try this snack when you are in Taipei because it is really hard to come by and savouring the dish in the atmosphere of the night market is really a great experience!

Photo credits:

Rachael Fong

3 Truth


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