Food Review: Chimney Cake

Chimmey cakeChimney cake, also known as Kürtőskalács, is a split cake that originated from Hungary. It is made from sweet yeast dough, and its unique shape is achieved by wounding it on a wooden spit then roasted over a charcoal fire until golden-brown. Traditionally, the surface of the cake is then topped with either ground walnut or powdered cinnamon.

If you want to try this delicious treat for yourself, you can! Located at Scape Orchard, Chimney Singapore is the first Hungarian pastry shop here in Singapore, and is quickly gaining attention for its photogenic, sweet and savoury treats sold nowhere else.

Upon arriving, you can choose between sweet- for cone coating of either cinnamon sugar, peanut or oreo, and an extra $1 for toppings such as nutella, peanut butter or cream cheese- and savoury-for a cone coating of garlic and herb butter with either mozzarella or cheddar and extra toppings include chicken ham, turkey bacon or salted egg.

Another option is chimney cake with softserve, where they add (homemade) chocolate or vanilla softserve to your chimney cake- the owners’ contribution to this sweet treat. The temperature contrast between the two creates a treat worth trying, even at its slightly higher price.

For 10 minutes, the waiting time is rather long- but justifiable, because the cones are made upon order to ensure its crispy texture, adding to the customer’s consuming pleasure.

So if you ever have the time to spare, do head over to Scape to try this Hungarian treat for yourself!


Chen Yu Yang

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