Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull is an American author who lives with his family in Utah. Hearing this sentence, remove all conclusions you have thought of him and replace it with one word, “awesome”.

Although his books are more for 10-12 year olds, he is still my favourite author. Brandon Mull is the minds behind the Beyonders series and the Falling Kingdoms series. His clever storytelling not only makes me feel like I’m in the story but I feel like reading it over and over again. As a result, I have read the Beyonders trilogy at least 2 times.

In order to make sense of why I am so obsessed with Beyonders, the answer is simple: Fantasy. Fantasy is one of my favourite genres. The main storyline is about this boy named Jason. He lives a simple life when he is transported to this magical land called LYRIAN. He meets a girl from his world called Rachel (hehe) and they go on a quest to defeat the evil ruler, Maldor. To defeat him, they must say a simple word. However, they have to find out what the word is by collecting the missing letters all around Lyrian. There are amazing characters like a blind warrior or a man who can detach and attach his body parts at will.

However, all this amazing writing did not come just from his head. He has stated that some of his greatest inspirations for his stories include some very famous writers, including J.R.R Tolkien and J.K.Rowling, whose books you may or may not know. He has been writing books since 2006 and he still has big plans for the future. One funny thing about him is that at the end of his books, he would always put in funny jokes and punch-lines to make it seem like he was actually talking to all his readers. He would also keep the content of the next book or story very mysterious. One funny fact about him is that before he became a writer, he worked as a comedian, a movie promoter, a filing clerk and even a chicken stacker.

Above all, Brandon Mull is my inspiration for writing and whenever I have run out of ideas for writing, I always turn to his books. With his magical tales and wacky characters, I get inspired and I know my creativity can run wild and write its own stories if it wants to.


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