Going Against The Current


Have you heard of the American pop-rock band Against The Current? They are a music group consisting of 22-year-old lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza, 22-year-old lead guitarist Daniel Gow, 21-year-old drummer Will Ferri and two rhythm guitarists, Jordan Eckes and Roo Buxton. They are based in Poughkeepsie, New York, and have been active since 2011.

Currently, they are on their Europe tour for their first studio album, In Our Bones. Last year on September 8, Against The Current, also abbreviated as ATC, performed at *SCAPE. To my disappointment, I was unable to go as it was a school day and rather close to our school’s End-of-Year examination season. Their next performance will be on April 7 in Cleveland, Ohio.

My favourite ATC songs are Running With The Wild Things and Chasing Ghosts, both from the album In Our Bones. In Running With The Wild Things, Chrissy sings about how the government’s systems manipulate us into thinking that we can only be defined by a grade on a test paper or something just as trivial, when we are much more than that. The lyrics give a fresh perspective on the issue, which is a far cry from the opinions that we have been spoon-fed since day one. Chasing Ghosts is a haunting piece about lost love and false hopes, and Chrissy’s low and regret-choked voice only adds to the heartbreaking tone of the song.

I really love ATC for Chrissy’s brilliant vocals and their beautiful lyrics and it’s a shame that they are relatively unknown to many people. On your way home from school today, perhaps you can stream some of their songs on Spotify or iTunes – they won’t disappoint!






Wei Ting (3 Purity)


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