Short Story: Fear

The best way out is always through’ ~Robert Frost




There was nothing.

Literally nothing.

All that remained was darkness.

Looking back at the room he once thought was ‘safe and cosy’, was nothing more than despair and horror. He turned back, fixing his eyes towards that destination like a watchful hawk eager to catch its prey. He’d been having those creepy visions of monsters again and he couldn’t stand it. He had to seek help.

Seek help from her.

He knew it was dangerous, he’d been told many times not to go to her for help. It wouldn’t work, he couldn’t get better. However, there was nothing else.

No option.

He made sure to tread carefully. Walking very slowly across the long corridor, he silently prayed for some sort of light at the end. He reached out, hoping to catch himself if he fell. Nothing came. Groping around, he could not find anything. Nothing to help him.

Darkness was engulfing him and everything in front of it. His heart was pulsating, about to burst out of his chest. His hands felt sweaty, unable to feel the cold air in the room. He scanned the surroundings hurriedly, as if about to be ambushed.

He wanted to end this once and for all. He could do it and yet it was not possible. He was missing something, something he could not find. There was one thing, like a key to turn the lock or a switch. He could not. He was scared.

Just then, he saw a light. A hope for him. A way out of this mess. He treaded towards this light. He knew it was too good to be true. He had to try. Suddenly, he felt something. Relief engulfed me. He hadn’t lost all sense yet. He could feel and touch!

He had done it. Feeling the surface, he found a small crack from which the light came from. Edging through it, he found the way. The light was there. Through the window, there was a strong yet dim light shining. He found her. The light was shining upon a bedroom. The opulent decorations, the small yet seemingly comfy bed. He had found her. However, she was asleep.

Edging forward, he tapped her sleeping body. At first, he thought he shouldn’t wake her up, it wasn’t worth it. And yet it was. He shook these thoughts away. As she finally woke up and turned on the small nightlight next to it, his features were finally illuminated. A small boy wearing pyjamas with little stars on them finally appeared in the light. His face was shaking and his hands were clammy. “Mu…Mummy.”  He stuttered as she finally sat up.

“Honey, are you ok?  Did you have another nightmare again?”

He looked at his ‘Mummy’ and knew something. He had done it. He had overcome that fear in him. That fear of the dark inside of him.

“No mummy, the nightmare’s gone.”

Rachel Lie (1P)


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