Poetry: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them


mischievous yet adorable nifflers

treasure diggers prized by goblins

unleash them in a bank to wreck pandemonium

tickle their magical pouch upside-down;

you’ll find sickles and galleons raining down


bowtruckles, a locksmith’s aide

with their deft long sharp fingers,

twist, turn, click – access granted

camouflaged, these tree dwellers are

sought after for their nimbleness


erumpents’ attacks prove fatal

with a horn containing deadly fluid

it’s humongous and spell-resistant

yet erumpent musk and a mating dance

prove to be its undoing


thunderbird; magnificent beasts

feathers shimmering with cloud-like patterns

majestically arching their wings,

thunderstorms follow their flight;

blinding the city with electrifying light


I was inspired to write this piece as I felt intrigued by the abilities and distinct personalities that each magical creature in the film had. Through poetry, I wished to capture their uniqueness in terms of appearance and other distinct characteristics. As such, the reader would hopefully find them more endearing, and have a better insight into the range of magical creatures Newt Scamander possesses in his brown leather trunk, as well as the depth of understanding he has regarding these creatures.

Chloe Kho (3T)


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