Kim Jong Dae

Kim Jongdae is an unheard name in the music industry. Who is Kim Jongdae? More commonly known as Chen, main vocalist of EXO, he is a soulful singer with a powerful voice that shatters hearts and bring tears through simple lyrics. Initially, he was recognised for his variety skills and charming looks but was later discovered to be a singer with immense talent.

Today, EXO’s Chen wishes the public to view him as Kim Jongdae, a singer, not an idol. Below are some of my favourite songs by him:


  1. “Breath 呼吸” ft. Zhang Li Yin. This song is definitely a very significant piece in Chen’s journey to becoming Kim Jongdae. It was his first official ballad without his members and without auto-tuning.


  1. “Everytime에브리타임 ” ft. Punch. This song is not only Jongdae’s first ever million seller single, it is also the official sound track for the drama, Descendants of the Sun. This song officially marked his spot in the music industry worldwide.


  1. “Beautiful Accident 美好的意外” ft. Suho. This song is Jongdae’s first ever Chinese OST for the movie Beautiful Accident, recorded with fellow EXO member, Suho. There is little significance in his career, but an amazing song that have to be shared.

The above songs are just some of Kim Jongdae’s best songs, try listening to other tracks featuring only him alone such as “Years” or with his sub-unit EXO-CBX “For You” and you will forget about other singers in no time! Also, do check out “I’m Not Okay”, Jongdae’s first official single under the name of “Kim Jongdae”, which will be released at 12 a.m. KST (11p.m. Singapore time) on the 15th of February. We have much to anticipate from this rising singer who has found his identity in music.


Ang Yen Chi (2U)



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