I think I am crazy,

to be writing about them.

But let me be me,

for I can’t function without this band.


Two thousand thirteen,

November twenty second.

That Friday evening,

at 11.44pm.


They danced into my life

without a single warning.

And their voices like knifes,

got me crying.


The love of a fan,

is like that of a parent,

we do what we can,

this is apparent.


They stole my heart,

but not to keep.

What I think is art,

is simply for their keep.


Honestly, I stopped caring,

along the way,

I grew to be daring,

against what people say.


Judge me for all I care,

EXO is my idol.

I just need them to be there,

so I won’t be suicidal.


Ang Yen Chi

2 Unity

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