The “Old” Hits

The music scene has come so far and transcended the path of time to be what it is today. What we mostly appreciate in this day and age would be the pop songs that get us moving along or tapping our fingers to its heart-thumping beats. Sadly, this has also meant that the classics of the 1900s and 2000s are slowly fading away into the past and many of us have lost our appreciation of these old hits. Many think the old hits are black and white, thus they assume it is boring, but I beg to differ – it might surprise you to know that the oldies actually have a beautiful musical quality unique to their genre, so here are some suggestions that I hope you will try listening to, and hopefully, you will change your perception towards old hits!

The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel


Simon and Garfunkel is a duet comprising members Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. They made their debut of The Sounds of Silence in 1964. It is a soft lilting acoustic song with a very folk-like style. The meaning of this song is definitely not to be overlooked as it was written back in the 60s when many problems in society such as treason were starting to surface. This song is very much like a poem to me with its strong use of metaphors and its carefully selected word choices that encompasses so much meaning, embedded within the lyrics. Overall, it is a very strong reflection of society and the prevalent problems at that point in time. Even though Simon and Garfunkel had not made other major breakthroughs after this, they have already created a masterpiece that is timeless, and even until today, thought-provoking to many. Even until now, it so accurately describes what our society is becoming and how it is really time for us to speak up, even though this silence continues to overpower us.

There are many versions of this song, but I would strongly advise you to just listen to the vocals with just the guitar as the accompaniment, instead of the electrified version which might have overdone the music a little. After all, a simplistic melody with lesser melodic decorations can sometimes bring out a better effect. Although it may sound depressing due to the sad meaning behind the song and tune, I would still strongly recommend you to expose yourself to this music style as it will be sure to trigger you to reflect upon its meaning.

500 Miles by Bobby Bare


500 Miles is another one of the oldest hits dating back to the 1960s, the very first and original version written and performed by Bobby Bare. It was also featured in the 2013 movie Inside Llewyn Davis. It is a country-style music that was popular in the European region back then and this style of music brings about a very strong sense of longing and nostalgia as it depicts a traveler who is very far away from home. In some sense, this music is also very relatable to the journeys we all have to go through and how far we will venture out of home like the traveler in some point in our lives to face challenges on our own. This country music is particularly touching to me as it has this note of optimism that keeps me going whenever I feel tired. Furthermore, it is a song shared by many as it has a simple tune and a repetitive structure, thus it is also considered a folk song, except that compared to The Sounds of Silence, it holds a cheerier note in its tune. However, both tunes are equally meaningful in their own way as they depict different voices of the people at certain points in history, and up until now represent the voices of every person.

Seasons in the Sun by Westlife


Westlife was the first boy band I listened to ever since I was as young as 6 and I personally feel that it is their debut album, Westlife, that comprises a collection of their best songs. Sadly, they disbanded in 2012 but the songs they have made together never disappeared from my playlist. Among these songs, Seasons in the Sun is my favourite which I have been listening to for 10 years now, and it sure does not get old. Seasons in the Sun speaks very personally to me as it traces a childhood long gone by and the amazing times I had together with my friends and family. The deeper significance in lyrics are further enhanced and brought out with the emotion from the vocals and the tune. Therefore, what truly sets Westlife apart from most boy bands are their vocals and the chemistry the group of five shared. Their harmonisation produces this clean and clear tune that soars with emotion thus their tunes never disappoint. It never fails to soothe and calm me when I am feeling despaired and there is always a note of hope in their music and their voice that causes me to replay the music over and over again. Apart from Seasons in the Sun, another song that is really very representative of their amazing vocals would be their version of You Raise Me Up which will definitely trigger your tears to flow right out!

So put on your earphones and start listening to these amazing tunes now!


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