Music Favourites: Know-It-All by Alessia Cara

Judging from the title, you might think this album might have to do with being a ‘know-it-all’ or doing well in class. In fact, it is the complete opposite. If you listen to the lyrics closely, it could also be a lot deeper than you think.

‘Know-It-All’ is an album made by Canadian singer-songwriter, Alessia Cara. She first rose to fame in 2013 when she started posting covers of songs to the popular American video sharing website, YouTube. Eventually, a few years later, she was noticed by someone from Republic Records and signed with them.


‘Know-It-All’ has been immensely successful, having sold over 500,00 copies. Its first single, Here, was released on April 30, 2015 and was in the top 5 of the Billboard top 100. The album especially reaches out to teenagers, some songs talking about celebrating youth and treasuring your years as a teenager. Its pop and R&B style also has some soulfulness and also some kick to it and it definitely tells me that different generations can enjoy it together. The first song, Seventeen, tells people to hold onto your youth as it will fly by very fast.


Most of the songs on that album are amazing. My favourite one has to be ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’. When you first listen to it, it has a catchy beat to it. As you listen to it closely, what you hear is so meaningful. It talks about inner beauty and how we should never be affected by how people see you, but how you see yourself.

In an interview, Alessia Cara also stated:

It’s just a song about these things that certain women go through on a daily basis in order to feel loved or in order to love themselves. I think that’s such a thing that goes on in today’s world. These weird things are instilled in us. You know? That tell us that we’re not good enough or that there’s only one kind of beauty.”-Interview with Idolator’s Mike Wass

My favourite lyric is: “There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark, you should know you’re beautiful just the way you are”. It really touches people’s hearts and shows them that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside and it doesn’t matter what people see. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I do recommend that people listen to this album, especially ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’. You could really feel inspired by this song and by listening, it could affect so many people.


Link to ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ music video:


Rachel Lie (1P)


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