Prada. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. These are the high-ends brands that kids and adults yearn to own. We live in a society obsessed with branded goods and it never seems to be satisfied with what it has and all it wants are things, things and more things.


My friend came up to me recently, showing me a new pair of sunglasses that she convinced her mum to buy for her because her old ones ‘didn’t look good anymore’ and the first thing she said was “Guess how much they are?”. Does it even matter?


Materialism is a rising concern that the world can never find a solution to. People are getting more inclined to a materialistic lifestyle and are focusing more on achieving a better lifestyle in monetary terms. Our materialistic lifestyle is the result of us, mankind seeking to satisfy our desires and finding happiness in obtaining items of our desires.


Here are 3 reasons why our modern society is materialistic:

  1. Fitting in

The urge to fit in is especially prevalent among teenagers. Not only is it among teenagers, it is also a sad reality across all age groups. These people feel the need to be accepted in a social circle and this surfaces in the need of being appropriately dressed in the office and in the form of peer pressure in college.

    2) Uniqueness

If we purchase a non-branded bag, chances are we are going to see a dozen others carrying the same bag, then that bag is no longer in a sense ‘unique’ anymore. However, on the other hand, if we purchase a branded bag, odds are that it is one of the few pieces in the market. Therefore, purchasing high-ends brands ensures consumers exclusivity and rarity so the need to be different from others is one of the reason why we cluster towards branded goods.

   3) Social status

Today, in our society, we are often judged by what we wear or what we use, and this defines our social status. Wearing a dress from a well-known fashion designer or donning an eye-catching million dollar diamond necklace, put us in the limelight. As shallow as it sounds, it is unfortunately true. Wearing famous brands speaks of affluence and high social status, hence, this is another reason why people flock towards branded goods.


We are taught through media that the only way to be happy is to make a lot of money, travel the world and having the best and newest clothes and accessories. At first, money and wealth do bring happiness but this joy does not last forever. I strongly believe that the next evolutionary step that man should take, should not be a physical change in appearance, but rather a mental change in our egos so that we will move past materials and towards being appreciative of what we have.


Ming Ting



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