Late last year, Twitter’s controversial announcement to shut down Vine, without a reason, was met with much anger and disappointment.

Vine, launched in 2013, was a six-second video sharing app, and had defined a new era of video revolution in many social media networks, as well as a being a huge source of humorous videos, memes, and even experimental movies. It had helped shape a huge part of the pop culture we see today. And to discontinue it without a valid reason had triggered many critique response from the Vine community.

The Vine website is now only an archive of the videos previously created, and Vine users can save them before January 17, when Vine Camera is activated.

The format of Vine Camera is nearly identical to that of Vine, except it is not a platform, but merely a tool. Likes and comments have become non-existent, and videos created are either shared on Twitter, or saved to the user’s device. However, it is much harder to find videos on Twitter compared to the video- friendly Vine, and fans might have trouble looking for the videos they liked.

The people who suffered the greatest impact were definitely the stars who rose to fame with their six-second videos, who established their bases at Vine. Many have now taken to other platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube, but it is just not the same anymore.

However, knowing pop culture, the termination of Vine will definitely bring on a new concept for social media platforms soon, and I anticipate what is yet to come.


Chen Yu Yang (2T)




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