Nene Chicken

nene.pngEven the name alone is enough to trigger a funny bone, but do not belittle this humble fried chicken chain. In the recent months, it has taken the country by storm with its lip smacking chicken chunks bathed in all kinds of sauces. I have only visited the store once, but it has been a tantalising experience for my taste buds. The chicken arrived glazed in a garlic coating, and was cut up into little pieces. Fried chicken is a common finger food among Singaporeans. Hence, I did not expect the opening of this chain to turn many heads. However, what is unique about this particular store’s chicken is the spices involved in its cooking. In addition, the meal is consumed with picks. The store provides these picks as well as gloves to make the eating process clean and fuss-free. I personally enjoyed my meal more because my hands were not greasy nor was the chicken in any way inconvenient to consume. Maybe it was an impression they gave by portraying the whole experience to be of a more comfortable one, but they definitely won me over. Of course, fizzy drinks and fries were served alongside the fried chicken, but this is typical of most fast food joints. An interesting side dish they provided though, was coleslaw. The coleslaw was largely made up of corn and crabmeat. The sauce was not too creamy, hence it was not overly coying like most coleslaws are in nature. Instead, it was refreshing and gave my taste buds a good kick of sweet and salty flavour.

Fried chicken is definitely not a unique food item, or something one would die to try, but we cannot deny that the once-in-a-while indulgence is something our stomachs can still resonate with. As a foodie, I feel that besides going hunting for the interesting, exotic and less seen foods, we should take time to stop and give the unassuming fried chicken a chance.


Nicolette Kum

4 Wisdom


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