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Cause I’m hopeful, yes I am

Hopeful for todayhpe.png

Take this music and use it

Let it take you away

And be hopeful, hopeful

And He’ll make a way

I know it ain’t easy but that’s okay

Just be hopeful

These lyrics may sound familiar to you as they are from the song Hopeful. Bars and Melody first performed the song when they auditioned for the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent in February 2014. They received judge Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer and went straight through to the live shows.On 7 June, the duo finished in third place during the live final. On 15 June, it was announced that Bars and Melody had signed to Cowell’s record label Synco Music. It was later revealed that they would release their version of “Hope” (retitled “Hopeful”) as their debut single on 27 July.

13-year-old Leondre has told how the lyrics were inspired by a difficult past, which saw him tormented by bullies for two years.“I used to get jumped on by a group of boys who would wait for me, then trip me up and punch and kick me,” he told The Sun.Leondre says he explained his bruises away as being from football, but eventually had to speak out when it got too much to take.“In the end I had to tell someone because I got really depressed. When I told my dad I just broke down in tears and cried and cried.” The lyrics to this song are filled with sadness when we hear how he was bullied, the lyrics also told us how depressed, and hopeless he felt, also asking the bully what he did to get this treatment. So if you are feeling down, I highly suggest you listen this to liften up your spirits. Just be hopeful and don’t give up!

Ashley Tung





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