It’s the third week of school and I’m sure many of us are really exhausted from all the rushing about and the mountains of homework! Here are some pickup lines to use on your homework so doing them won’t be such a chore anymore J

  1. Are you from Australia? Because you’ve met all my koalafications
  2. Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for
  3. Did you have magnets for lunch? You’re looking pretty attractive right now!
  4. Do you generate electricity through hydropower because dam
  5. Did you survive Avada Kedavra because you’re drop-dead gorgeous
  6. Do you play Quidditch because you look like a Keeper
  7. Hey, my name is Microsoft and you can crash at my place tonight
  8. Has your license gotten suspended yet? Because you just drove me crazy
  9. Are you garbage because I wanna take you out
  10. Are you Pepsi because you’re so-da-licious
  11. Are you bromine oxide because BrO you’re sodium fine
  12. Are you One Direction because you light up my world like nobody else
  13. Is your name Taylor Swift? Because I’d write your name on every blank space in my world
  14. Are you a mitochondrion because you’re the powerhouse of my life


Chua Wei Ting (3 Purity)

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