Food Review: The Benjamins

Freakshakes are a recent trend that describes a huge milkshake with everything from caramel sauce and chocolate chips to red velvet cakes and blueberry pie stacked precariously on top! The Benjamins is widely known for its over-the-top, exaggerated freakshakes that will definitely stretch your appetite to its limits.

Located at Forum The Shopping Mall, the bistro-cum-cafe gives off a retro vibe with soft lighting and rich brown tones. Although famous for their freakshakes, The Benjamins also serves main courses such as Aglio Olio. I visited The Benjamins in the holidays and I believe it is safe to say that the serving is monstrous! My order, the chocolatey heaven known as the Tim Tams OTT Milkshake, which costs $16, is a dark chocolate milkshake in a jar with White Tim Tams, red velvet Tim Tams, caramel Tim Tams, a massive double chocolate brownie, generous helpings of whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and complete with two chocolate wafer sticks. The freakshake was a blessing on my tastebuds and was certainly worth the hole I burnt in my pocket – albeit a small hole, since I did not have lunch after the freakshake.

I recommend The Benjamins for anyone looking for dessert after a light meal, or anyone looking to ignore their new year’s resolution and craving a sinful delight. It would be wiser to share one shake among two or three people though, since the milkshake came with two straws which I did not notice until I had finished the very last drop of chocolate milkshake. The wonderful freakshakes are definitely worth the wait and every dollar spent!




Wei Ting



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