Movie Review


Although this is not the typical hour-plus movie, this review will be on a short movie, also popularly known as 微电影 in China and Taiwan, produced by our local Singaporean stars – JJ Lin.  Besides producing his music video for one of his hit songs – Practice Love, he decided to produce this short animation movie as an extension of the music  video and as a dedication to his friend who passed away in SilkAir M185 plane crash in 1997, who also became his inspiration to write the above-mentioned song.

This 11-minute long movie tells a really touching and heartbreaking story of what he and his friend went through together before she passed away. JJ Lin takes plays a computer programmer whose girlfriend, a botanist, dies in a meteor storm while on a routine space mission. Overcome with grief, he develops a programme which converts memories into images, so that people can see those whom they miss the most. The entire concept shows an obvious similarity between the plane crash and the meteor storm in the plot. The sad part of the plot was towards the end when it was known to the world that the programme he developed needed to be taken down and banned because people were too caught up with the past and the illusion of reuniting with people who have already left them have resulted in everyone forgetting to live in the moment and moving on from the past. This gave off a really strong impact as it tries to convey JJ’s message that “some memories cannot be wiped away, and some relationships, once gone, can never come back.”.

As an avid listener of JJ’s songs, I really enjoyed how he integrated the concept of futuristic into the movie to illustrate his relationship with his friend together with the song. It made the movie and the plot to be much less cliché and alienating from the typical Romeo and Juliet story but instead made it so much more touching and surprising in the sense that suspense played a big role in the movie without much words being spoken throughout the movie. I personally felt that this element made the movie much more open-ended and alongside with the fact that this movie was released even before JJ shared the story with the public, so it allowed the audience to freely interpret with their own thoughts and feelings about what’s going on in the movie.

Thus, I really encourage you to check out this short movie that really takes your emotion on a toll!

Rachael Fong


Opinions on Society : The Influence of KPOP

In a world where music makes a huge impact in our lives, from the friends we make to even our personal beliefs, the rapid spread of the Korean Pop culture, not only nationally but globally, plays a big part in everyone’s lives. Almost everyone knows about Kpop and more or less listens to Kpop music like the greatest hit Gangnam Style that took the world by storm, and this ironically stirs up the debate of the influence Kpop brings about to society – the good and the bad.

To say that Kpop is a bad influence is not a fair statement, but it applies aptly to fans who are overly addicted and engrossed beyond the music. Even to the little things like the idols’ personal life – which entirely defeats the true purpose of Kpop music, such that their lives revolve only around the kpop idols’.  This may lead to Kpop being a huge distraction especially for students who leads to dire consequences academically. This is exactly why Kpop has been deemed to be a ‘taboo’ for most parents. As mentioned earlier, these days, fans are no longer in the culture of Kpop just purely for the music but much more beyond that – they idolise the bands so much so that huge amounts of money are involved, on buying idol merchandise like posters, photocards to name a few. , not forgetting the fact that the prices of Kpop albums and concerts are increasingly high these days due to the growing popularity of the Kpop culture. Having money involved is certainly one of the negative influences Kpop has brought about.

As a fan of Kpop myself, I do feel that Kpop does bring about a positive impact on its listeners . Firstly, Kpop music is really powerful in the sense that the genre of music can range from ballad to rock, depending on individual singers/bands This is exactly one of the reasons I feel is commendable. Almost everyone can appreciate Kpop music regardless of preference as there is always a suitable type of everyone. Secondly, besides the idols’ good looks and physique, fans learn about the difficulties and challenges the idols’ face behind all the fame and fortune. Being a Kpop idol in Korea is no easy feat – it takes years of training without even knowing whether there is even a chance of debut. Besides, competition is tight in the Kpop music industry globally with many rookie groups struggling to make their name. Hence, being able to understand what’s going on behind every idols’ path to success allows fans to adopt a positive mindset and the virtue of perseverance and holding on to their dreams. I also feel that through Kpop, people are able to experience and explore a different culture and a whole new set of beliefs. Kpop has also played a big part in broadening one’s horizons in the sense that we are able to make new friends through a similar taste in music – Kpop in this case and adopting a larger social circle.

Rachael Fong