MRT Puns: The Singapore Edition

Hi everyone! National Day has just passed, so let’s reaffirm our Singaporean identity once again by laughing over what we do best: creating memes, speaking Singlish and familiarising ourselves with the names of MRT stations!

  1. It’s so warm in my living room ‘cos Marsiling (my ceiling) fan is broken.
  2. My keropok lau hong. Not Kranji (crunchy) already.
  3. I failed my spelling, so my teacher said: Simei (see me) after school.
  4. Do you not understand? Okay I will Esplanade (explain it) to you slowly.
  5. Of course can lah. I knows, and Eunos (you know) it can be done.
  6. The Beatles said, “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Aljunied (All You Need) is love.” *
  7. This train goes in only One Direction. That’s what makes it b-Yew Tee-ful. (b-eauti-ful) **
  8. We all have good days, and bad ones. Some are happy, Somerset. (Some are sad)
  9. MRT also can pun meh? You’ve Khatib (got to) be kidding me.
  10. Don’t you just hate it when you help settle the bill then no one wants Toa Payoh (to pay you) back?
  11. That pun was so terrible. It took him a week to get Dover (over)
  12. Po-peh! Po-peh! Po-peh! Po-peh! Kallang (garung) guniiii
  13. My son needs help with his studies. Can Yew Tee-ch (you tea-ch) him?
  14. The teh o thief got caught in the act. He pleaded for Clementi. (lemon tea)
  15. The librarian told me: The Bugis (book is) over there you cannot see meh?
  16. Wah! Your pun level: 1000. Others may try but they Kent Ridge (can’t reach)
  17. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Dhoby Ghaut… (Dobby got)

…master’s sock.

Dhoby is a free elf.**

  1. Enough! We’ve hit Dakota (the quota) of puns for today.


(Names of MRT stations in pink, correct words to replace them in purple)

* Lyrics of the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”

** Based on UK band One Direction’s song “What Makes You Beautiful”

*** For Harry Potter fans

Adapted from:

(Memes are all created by Facebook user Pamela Tham – I edited some of the memes so that the sentence structure becomes grammatically correct.)

Germaine Lee



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