Short Story: Harsh Reality

Her eyes darted around. Why was she in this situation? How could she escape? There were so many questions, and yet no answers were in sight.

Teresa was an ordinary girl. She went to school like everyone. She loved dancing and reading.  She was a normal student that nobody would envy. However, she was also the student that everyone wanted to be. Humility and confidence were one of her main strengths. However, she was stuck with a family that did not appreciate her.

The family was torn apart. The father was a heavy gambling addict who borrowed money from many people. Eventually, he turned to loansharks to get money to fuel his gambling addiction. He lost it all and paved a way of darkness for the family. Every day, creditors and loansharks yelled outside the door, asking the family to pay up. Teresa was petrified with the number of people who would threaten and harass them. However, there was a system that was strictly adhered to by the family. Every morning, she would travel to school when there was nearly no people on the roads. After school, she had to stay in school to finish her homework. At the end of school, she would return to her home that was always painted with red paint. There was a war and she was always associated by guilt to the family.

She hated it. Why was she born into this family? There was only dread, fear and insecurity lurking in the home. Why could she not be born into a family full of love and stability? She longed to have a family that would reconcile whenever there were problems; she wanted a peaceful place that she could go to, to allow herself to calm her mind and do what she wants to do. Could she ever escape the dark monster that threatens to make bloodshed? Would there ever be a place that she could go to? Why?

She walked towards the edge. Her eyes were clouded with tears of hate. If only she could turn back time to make everything right. There was no way out. That monster had destroyed the family. It had allowed the family to descend into chaos.

She looked forward to it. The beauty of the future enticed her. There could be peace of mind; she could be her true self. She could do whatever she wanted to; dancing to her heart’s content, exploring the wonders that a book could offer her.  With so many things in store for her, she could have whatever her heart desires. She could finally obtain the very things that she never had; freedom and love.

She leaped.

Mandy Yeo


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