Food: Oneh oneh


A small round green ball peppered with bits and pieces of grated coconut. That’s right, it’s an ondeh ondeh! With the squishy green skin that simply melts in your mouth, the oneh oneh is out of the world! When you bite it, the Gula Melaka bursts into your mouth, engulfing your mouth with its sweetness.

South East Asian sweets and desserts are most strongly defined by the bite sized snacks known as Kuehs. Ondeh Ondeh has always been one of my favourite kuehs. I have never been able to resist these sweet chewy coconut coated balls ever since I was young. Soft and chewy in texture, this is probably one kueh that encompasses all the essential ingredients typically used in the preparation of exotic Southeast Asian desserts. Sweet potato is the essential root vegetable in this dessert while glutinous rice flour imparts the slightly sticky and chewy texture. Coconut milk and pandan juice provide the mild fragrant richness and Gula Melaka (brown palm sugar) rounds up the sweet experience with its distinctive caramel-like flavour.

Doesn’t it sound delicious? Well, what are you waiting for? Head down to the nearest Bengawan solo to purchase a packet now!

Jenevieve Tan




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