Short Story


It looked deceptively harmless.

Visibly and seductively larger than life. Hovering, humming, darting slightly at times. It’s body, although diminutive in size, buzzed angrily in an enraged fashion. It was difficult for it not to be noticed. I eyed it suspiciously as it danced outside the window panes, deliberating whether it should make a brave foray into my room. An unfamiliar and treacherous ground.

Still in half a mind about what I should do, the unwelcome visitor barged uninvited into the privacy of my room. I was intrigued by the seemingly vulnerable insect which had the nerve to intrude into my space, miniscule compared to my rust-coloured dog, apparently showing no qualms of the decision it had just made. My dog had by now espied the offending intruder, his hostile-looking eyes glared warningly at it. He bared his teeth threateningly, his teeth flashing most menacingly. The insect ignored my dog, flitting pompously and haughtily about the room as if it owned it. In vast annoyance at being neglected by the insect, my dog barked uncontrollably, almost haplessly. Finally he had caught its attention.

I could feel the growing tension between the offensive insect and my dog which had lost is usually calm composure due to the intense frustration it felt. Before either of us had the wits to react, the offending insect dived into the deepest recess of my dog’s fur. Despite the fearsome connotations to Rambo’s name, he yelped pitiably as he leapt an unbelievable two feet into the air, an achievement for my normally placid pet. Hanging in the limbo state between the realms of consciousness, fear and anxiety, Rambo wafted fitfully into a dazed state.

The battle began.


Sarah Tok(18)

2 Purity


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