Opinions on society: Technology

We live in an urbanized society, where our lives undeniably revolve around technology and depend on them, as if they are indispensable to whatever we do. The simplest tasks we do seem to be impossible to complete without a little assistance from Siri, or a quick search on Google. Well, after all, everything is just at our fingertips and gaining information quickly certainly isn’t a problem. Need to find out which Chinese restaurant to patronize on our next date? Or maybe the results from the recent football match we’d missed? Simply posing a question to the iPhone genius Siri or browsing the web will answer our queries. Things are heating up in the tech world with the amazing inventions of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, bringing users the benefits of not having to messily ruffle through our wallets to fish out the credit card for payments. The function stores all our credit card information and value inside the device, thus we can simply tap our phones to make purchases. One way would be through the Touch ID, which requires fingerprint verification to activate it. In a nutshell, it boasts a safe and secure way of payment that has never been more convenient.

Who wouldn’t be in awe of such technological advancements? Back in the late 2000s, everyone was in envy of any lucky soul who had their hands on the first iPhone ever. Now, it is the norm to possess a mobile phone. These inventions greatly benefit not only us, but the society too. Technology is so prominent in many fields, and it saves time and effort for everyone. Personally, I think the integration and utilisation of technology into society is great. Society nowadays is so fast-paced with such creations, but the invention of technology has also brought much harm to our society. I spot teenagers glued to their screens on full-focus mode instead of conversing with their family over meals, I spot ignorant commuters too busy playing games to notice the poor old lady in need of a seat. The dark side of technology is bringing detriment to our society.

I won’t lie. At times, I hope our society was less dependent and addicted to technology when I see what harmful effects it has. The anonymity of our online selves offer a great breeding platform for romance scammers and paedophiles. What has the society become? I am afraid of the day where our society is overly-dependent on technology to the extent where we refuse to complete tasks without technology. If only our society could look up from their screens more to see the bigger picture, sacrificing a few minutes of game time on their phones wouldn’t kill too. We shouldn’t let technology control our society, it is the other way around. Our society should be an independent one, one that is able to perform even in the absence of technology.


Emma Ho

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