Movie Review – The Intern


No matter how old you are, there is always something to share and pass on, and something to learn. Already in his 70s, Ben Whittaker has retired, lived a healthy lifestyle and a contented life, and yet, applied to get back to work again at one of the most successful fashion companies, when no one else would at his age. He impresses the employees with his good attitude during the interview and is assigned to be mentored by Jules Ostin, the founder of the fashion company. However, Jules was doubtful of Ben’s abilities but Ben never lost his enthusiasm. As the movie progresses, Ben does his work to the best of his ability and always helps Jules out whenever he can as Jules starts to face more challenges between home and work. As Ben continually (and never fails) to help Jules during the most challenging point of her life, their intern-boss relationship is drawn closer and Jules learns many valuable lessons from Ben as he gradually becomes her best intern, and her best friend.

Although it is not an action-packed and adrenaline-filled movie, its essence is filled with zest and sometimes humour that will definitely entertain you throughout the 2 hours of the movie. Not only so, it is poignant and meaningful as there are valuable life lessons you will be able to take away from a simple, light-hearted movie like The Intern. No matter how successful you are, sometimes it would not hurt to listen to someone’s advice or seek his or her help when you need it, even those who have a lower status than you as they might have the wealth of experience and knowledge that will definitely give you the encouragement and support you need to get you through when life throws you lemons. I believe you can also learn to adopt the all smiles, positive outlook of life from Ben and take away the most important lesson throughout the movie – learning to let go.

I definitely enjoyed this funny movie that has melted my heart with the wise words said and I believe when you step into the world of The Intern, you will enjoy and feel the energetic vibes from it that continues to tingle and leave you to reflect even at the end of the movie. Released quite recently and effectively presenting the very most important lesson of life that applies to all ages through a modern touch, this movie definitely closes the generation gap between the elderly and the young adults in a humorous and touching way. Reflecting reality at the same time, it gives you the opportunity to laugh and release some endorphins as you watch and learn together with the characters in the movie. I strongly recommend everyone to grab your popcorns and give it a go at being an intern!

Renee Ong

2 Justice


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