Stressed Out


Once ranked second on the Billboard Charts, the song Stressed out by Twenty One Pilots should be familiar to many. However, it took a while before this song grew on me. It had lyrics that I perceived to be random and the melody of the song was quite unconventional. Nevertheless, I have to say that it was in no time that I was hooked. Initially, when I came across this song while browsing through YouTube, I will admit that I did a double take due to its unique and eye catching title. I felt that it seemed relatable and to my relief, it did not disappoint.

An interesting part of the song would be the pre chorus which sings “My name is Blurry face and I care what you think.” I previously hummed along to the tune mindlessly, albeit always a little curious about the deeper meanings to this line. Upon more probing, it has come to light that “Blurry face” is actually the other name of Tyler Joseph, the pianist of Twenty One Pilots. It reveals the insecure and anxious nature of himself who wishes that he can turn back time to days when he was younger and had more freedom.

The gist of the whole song basically centres around how the music artist is now living in regret and anxiety. This serves as a constant reminder, I believe, to all listeners to cherish what they have now, instead of crying over split milk in the future when it is too late. I think it is very real that we also tend to care an unhealthy amount about how others view us. While it is important to always portray a best image of yourself, this song also reinforces that being overly self-conscious can lead to a worrisome lifestyle which along with all the external stress that comes with growing up, can result in anxiety health issues.

I think that it is important to embrace your identity, but more importantly, learn to enjoy the process of growing up. It is when we enjoy the journey then can we have the strength to overcome milestones thrown in our way calmly and with confidence.

With all that aside, I hope everyone will give their ears a new jam with Stressed Out, and hopefully be able to appreciate the song as much as I do.

Nicolette Kum

3 Wisdom


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