Movie Review : Kung Fu Panda 3


Recently, the long awaited sequel to “Kung Fu Panda 2” finally came out in Singapore cinemas. This time, the movie revolved around Po taking Master Shifu’s place as a teacher, Po meeting his biological father, Li Shan, for the first time, and Po becoming a true ‘Chi’ master.

The movie starts off with Kai, a yak who used to be friends with Master Oogway, fighting with Master Oogway in the spirit realm. Oogway gives in and Kai steals his ‘chi’, helping Kai escape the spirit realm to the mortal world. Meanwhile, Master Shifu announces his retirement and passes on the role of teacher to Po, resulting in the Furious 5 getting injured. Po starts to doubt himself as the Dragon Warrior. Later on, he meets his biological father, Li Shan, before Kai’s minion jade statues start attacking. Hearing from Master Shifu that the only way to defeat Kai was to learn the true ways of channeling ‘chi’, Li Shan promises to teach Po the ways of ‘chi’ if Po returned to the secret panda village with him. Therefore, Li Shan, Po, and Po’s adoptive father Ping set off to the panda village, and the adventure begins.

This movie is a good sequel to ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’, and the answers to the questions in the previous movie. The new characters introduced are interesting and some people have already started writing ‘fanfictions’ on their origins. This movie is fun for all ages and is family friendly. If you are thirsting for a movie that will make you laugh, why not try watch ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’? Personally, I feel that this movie is a must see and is a choice that you will never regret as this movie will give you a laugh and will help you to relax after 1 tiring term of school.

Rachel Goh


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