Alex and Sierra


Alex and Sierra is an American band consisting of Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, who rose to stardom when they won the third season of The X Factor USA.

Following their success, they announced the making of their debut album, “It’s About Us”, which was released in October 7, 2014. They worked hard with many famous artists, one of which was John Legend, and created an album that is truly unique and different from the rest.

The album opens with their very first single, an indie-pop, Scarecrow. Upbeat and acoustic, it quickly catches your attention and makes you want to hang on till the very last guitar strum. Even then, you’ll probably be humming the song throughout the entire day. According to Alex and Sierra, the song is one of hope and about when someone in a relationship is unable to communicate all their feelings, but the other believes in them and is willing to wait for them.

The album opens you up to a part of their world, and each song tells a story of its own and has its own beauty that makes you can’t stop listening to it, like the emotional rollercoaster of Bumper Cars, the country feel of Almost Home, or the jazzy beats of All For You. The lyrics show that, despite their fame, they have flaws and face problems that normal people do too. The soothing tune of each song, be it country, pop, or indie, on top of their harmonic duets, makes me fall in love with every song instantly, and it relieves my stress and lifts up my mood almost every time.

Whenever I like a song, I tend to listen on repeat again and again, which mostly results in me getting tired of it after some time. Surprisingly, this is yet to happen to any of their songs, and I don’t think it ever will. If you can, go check them out, and I hope you will love them too!

Chen Yu Yang (1T)



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