World’s Cheapest Smartphone

Believe it or not, India just released a smartphone called Freedom 251 which was worth $4!

Freedom 251 is an Android phone, which as the name suggests would be sold at 251 rupees (£2.77). In the hand, it feels somewhat like Apple’s iPhone 5. And surprisingly for its price, its specifications are quite impressive:

  • camera on both front and back
  • 4inch (10.2cm) wide
  • 1GB Ram
  • 8GB internal storage, expandable to 32GB
  • quad-core processor providing more processing power when necessary but making less use of its battery at other times

There are two models, one black, one white.

Because of how cheap the smartphone is, many people were sceptical about this phone. Many of them wondered if it was a fraud and if I were them, I would have the same feelings towards this phone and wonder if the Freedom 251 is too good to be true. Maybe it really works, who knows? If it does, then it is a dream come true to those who can afford it.

cheapest phone.jpg

Ashley Tung



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