Poetry : Winter

Winter at its finest

Snowflakes gracefully fluttering to the ground

White winterland – a beauty beyond words

Whistling winds; chasing wild things

Barren trees; shivering from winter’s wrath


Winter in a child’s eyes

Snowflake on a tongue; burning icy sensation

Delicate snow angel; the built of a child

Timeless snowman; sweet fruit of labour

Sleigh tracks downhill; merry-making on the go


Winter for a family

Huddling together; sipping hot chocolate

Crackling fireplace; magic for reading

Roasted chestnuts; perfect winter snack

Rambunctious children; sofa made trampoline


Winter means Christmas

Thoughtful presents; the spirit of giving

Scrumptious dinner; celebration of Christ’s birth

Clock strikes twelve; milk and cookies left for Santa

Stuffed stockings; embers flickering in the dark


Winter is time for reflection

Purposefully set aside; closure for the year

Brief halt to work; breathing space for the soul

Renewing past experiences; the mind wanders

White daisy, poised daintily; spring awaits


I wrote this poem about winter as I wanted to capture the essence of the season in itself, and bring out the message of how its beauty is actually undermined by only focusing on the picturesque scenery it brings, especially when different perspectives of winter bring out unique and vastly diverse characteristics that shed new light on winter. Furthermore, as Singapore is a tropical country, many who have not travelled to temperate countries before may have never experienced snow. Hence, I wanted to allow these people’s imagination of winter to broaden into multiple scopes and deepen the meaning of winter.

Chloe Kho (2P)








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