Music Favourites : Taeyeon

Even if you aren’t into Korean Pop, you would have definitely heard about Girls’ Generation, an established girl group extremely popular in South Korea, sweeping the Hallyu charts recently with their latest album, ‘Lion Heart’. They are still a big figure in the music industry even after having debuted for nine years, their success earned their management company, SM Entertainment, a title as one of the top three entertainment companies in South Korea.

Kim Tae-yeon, more commonly known as Taeyeon is no other than the leader of Girls’ Generation, also doubling up as the lead vocal of the eight-piece group. Her solo album which was released in the early October of 2015 swept the music charts in Korea, the title track ‘I’ won her eleven trophies on several music shows and surpassed a million downloads just two months after its release. Taeyeon is also known for singing soundtracks in Korean dramas, she never fails to delight listeners with her amazing vocals, hence earning her the nickname ‘OST Queen’.

The six tracks in her mini album include I, U R, Gemini, Stress, Farewell and lastly, the backing track of the title song. My personal favourite is “I”,which is a collaboration track between her and rapper Verbal Jint. It speaks about a girl with unrequited dreams that others don’t believe she can achieve. While it lyrically describes the hardships she endures while strongly pursuing her beliefs, it also states that she doubts her own abilities sometimes and loses faith. I believe that some of us can also relate to this when we are too conscious of society’s opinions of us and inevitably get discouraged. There is a line in a song which goes “Tears you’ve cried, all of the pain you’ve felt. It’s to prepare you for the day you’ll fly even higher”, this is one of the many lines which I think are inspirational as it sends a message to listeners about persevering on despite the struggles we face as only failure paves the road for success.

Taeyeon has garnered much praise and recognition following the release of her solo album for her voice, described as a “vocal powerhouse”. Shortly after an edited video of her live performance without the backing track was uploaded, it went viral amongst netizens and proved her potential as she effortlessly hit the high notes. Taeyeon’s latest album is filled with emotions which give off a lovelorn and bittersweet feel, perfectly accompanied with her soothing voice, so don’t miss it!

Emma Ho (1W)


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