Him or Her?

In society, people claim that everyone has equal rights. But is this true? Is the gender bias real?

Well, it definitely still is. According to Forbes in 2015, when women makes mistakes, their perceived competency drops by 35% and their worth drops by $15,088. On the other hand, when men make mistakes, their perceived competency drops by 22% and their worth drops by $6,547.

How about the diminished responsibilities that women encounter? For example, when a woman beats a man in a race, the phrase, “pretty good for a girl” is offhandedly used. Why should a man be impressed when a woman is able to beat him in something? So what if a women can do a deadlift better than a man?  This is because the expectations of women are much lower and thus they are disparaged. What about the potential bias? Even in movies, it seems that men are ‘not capable’ of filling the position of a secretary. It is as if women are the traditional fillers working for a boss who is, of course, male.

The social hierarchy does not accept women to be of a higher standard as society has fallen into a stereotype nightmare. Even the most subtle statements like ‘for a girl’ shows how inequality is accepted. Even if a woman and a man are equally qualified, they would not get equal responsibility. Well, society doesn’t care about that.

In society, people are bigoted to their inequitable thoughts and stereotypes and there’s nothing we can really do about it. I personally think that we should fix the one-sided thinking and the unjust mind-set of people. But is it too late to mend?


Giselle Cho

2 Faith




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