Doors of Society

Society is like a room with many doors, each door leads to a different side, a different view, giving us different opinions of the world.


Door 1:

The first door is bright and shining, it stands high above the others. Door one, the door of pride. Beyond that door, is the bright endless sky, hanging with countless hot air balloons. Those balloons seemed to carry people’s hopes, dreams and ambitions to another level. Stationed one by one along the way, are places balloons can rest, those places are where our achievements reside, or when someone is contented enough and has reached his goal, the balloon will come to rest.

Door 2:

The second door has varying sizes. Depending on its owner , it can be large, medium or small. When this door is swung open, we are greeted by our own little desires. This is the place where our dreams materialise, our own little world, changing to suit our needs. Door two, our own little world.

Door 3:

As we approach door number three, we feel the warmth and happiness of life. This door is warm and inviting. As we swing it open, we are embraced by many pairs of hands. These hands belong to those that we call friends. We come to this door when we feel troubled, and take a stroll through the comforting presence of our friends. This becomes a part of society that we cannot miss.

Door 4:

A door that was warmer than the first, here behind the door, we find our own little space. The place we are all most familiar with, the place that we call home. In this home, we find our family. They care for us, and help us. Family provides a sense of belonging and comfort. When we are lost, they guide us. The Door that leads to home.

Door 5:

The fifth door. Slightly small and dark, the door that we tend to stay away from, yet tempted by it, we stray from the path. What it holds is our small selfish desires, the temptation to take something that does not belong to us.

Door 6:

Slowly, the darker side of society is approached, and we are presented with a darker door, the side that judges us according to our looks. If you’re reserved and quiet, you’re emo. If you’re open and expressive, you’re attention hungry. If you don’t compliment yourself, you’re begging for compliments. If you do compliment yourself, you’re full of yourself. If you’re unique, you’re weird. If you’re normal, you’re boring. This is the part of life that no one can avoid, after all, everyone is selfish.


Door 7:

Door seven, a bright blue door, layered with streaks of colours. Behind this door lies the world of cyberspace, where every person is connected by small invisible threads. Some of the connections are cut while some stay strong for a lifetime. Cyberspace is a neutral area, what becomes of a person’s space is dependent on himself or herself. We can choose to reveal ourselves and make a few more friends, or we hide behind a man-made mask, choices lead to different consequences. Door 7, the internet.


Ironic how it’s hard to find ourselves in a world so centered around perfection, when in reality imperfection is what defines us, funny how we think about things differently even though we are all similar. Life is what defines us.

-Stephanie Guan Xin (3U)


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