Trust No one


Have you ever felt like you were being watched while eating out alone or that someone was following you home? I have. Living in a world where anything could possibly happen, it made me scared, terrified.

The casual walk home at night made my heartbeat thrum like the wings of a caged bird as I felt a sudden bloom of heat across my face. I heard an unexpected, “thud”. The pace of my mind quickened. Was I really being followed? Or was it just my footsteps? Why was I being followed?

Shaken, the hairs on the back of my neck became prickly. I reached in to my bag to source for the only sharp object I had on hand – my spare keys. The familiar silhouette. I could recognize the broad shoulders and square head anywhere. Almost there… he was just where I wanted him.

With much confidence, I turned around swiftly and gave him a good stab.

So long to the only one who knew of my whereabouts. Goodbye to the best friend I had. And farewell to the fear of being turned in to the police.

trustNO.jpgGiselle Cho

2 Faith


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