Rainbow Roti Sai Mai


Roti Sai Mai (pronounced say-may) is a favourite Thai treat where candy floss is wrapped in a sweet roti. It originates from Ayutthaya, the ancient old capital of Thailand, and to this day, it has remained one of its preferred sweets.

Fairyfloss has brought this Thai treat to Singapore and given it a colourful and creative twist.  Giving the consumers a hands-on experience, Fairyfloss sells packets of floss with rainbow crepes so that you can create your own rainbow crepes with just the right amount of candy floss.

Apparently you’re supposed to “pinch” the desired amount of candy floss (of course, the more the better) and roll it up in the crepe. The crepe is rather big, so it is recommended that you tear it in half and then roll it to create more bite-sized bits. This is best to be eaten  right after you have rolled it to prevent the candy floss from melting into a sticky mess.

The crepes are savoury and sweet, and the candy floss melts in your mouth and it gives the nostalgic memories of childhood carnivals. There is no deny that the taste is unique and like no other,  but they definitely focus more on aesthetic wise.

That said, this will still be a great addition to a party, gathering, or a simple snack to lighten your mood. If you’re interested, here’s the address:


114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2


Singapore 338729

Tel: +65 9180 3914

Mon to Fri: 12pm-7pm

Sat & Sun: 1pm-6pm

Nearest station: Lavender

DIY unicorn candy floss crepes, anyone?


Sources: http://blog.omy.sg/sgblogawards-finalists-2009/2016/03/30/rainbow-roti-sai-mai-%E2%80%93-unicorn-candy-floss-crepes-in-singapore/



Chen Yu Yang 1T



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