People: 5 Seconds of Summer

Most people, upon hearing the band ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ would think of the song ‘She Looks So Perfect’ released in late March 2014. However, did you know that ‘She Looks So Perfect’ was not the first song they released? I bet you didn’t know that. The first song they performed as a band was ‘Out of My Limit’ realised on 19 November 2012. Since then, they have sung 10 singles and most of them have been on the Top 20 Hits. The 10 songs are ‘Out of My Limit’, ‘She Looks So Perfect’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Amnesia’, ‘Good Girls’ ,’What I Like About You’, ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ ,’Hey Everybody!’, ‘Unplugged’ and  ‘Jet Black Heart’. (Not in order of release).

Some interesting facts about the band:

1) They thought of the name ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ when they were in Norwest Christian College having a math class.

2) Their song “Out Of My Limit” was originally called “Over The Limit” but they had to change it as it sounded like it was about alcohol drinking.

3) The original band first formed on 3rd April 2011.

4) They used to brush their teeth together before every show.

5) They were all sick whilst recording the Unplugged EP but still went ahead and did it.

6) If they like someone, they will go out of their way to get the persons attention is to throw a ball at them.

7) They apparently love it when someone has a Twitter name that’s something to do with 5SOS.

8) They once had to stop and busk on the street as they did not have enough money for petrol to get home!

9) When the band first started, it only comprised of Luke, Michael and Calum. Ashton joined only in December 2011.

10) Before Ashton joined the band, he actually hated them!

Although they are famous, they are really down-to-earth people who don’t swank about their fortunes to other people. So as they sing “Don’t stop, doin watcha doin…” continue to do what you desire and don’t let anyone or anything hinder you from reaching your full potential!

I promise you their songs are awesome, so if you haven’t listened to their songs, what are you waiting for?

Sources:          onepopzfacts/

Rachel Tay


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