zoellaYouTube is an online world for the masses- there are music videos, cooking shows, and even educational clips. Many people go on YouTube purely for entertainment purposes, but there are some who rely on this social platform to earn a living- and that is none other than a group of people known as YouTubers.

YouTubers make a myriad of videos, but one very bustling arena within the YouTube community would be the beauty community. These YouTubers post everything from makeup tutorials to shopping hauls to outfit ideas. It is a man eat man world in this community, and many are dying to be noticed by audience. However, only a few people manage to achieve high view counts and likes that top the charts.

One of these people would be Zoe Sugg, or more affectionately known as Zoella. To this day, she is a YouTuber with 10 million subscribers and counting- her followers making up almost two times of the Singapore population. She posts hair and makeup tutorials, answers beauty and fashion questions, but most importantly, aims to be accessible to her audience by having a second channel- Morezoella, to posts vlogs. These vlogs document her everyday life and are presented in a raw and relatable manner, causing many eyeballs to be turned in her direction. She talks openly with her viewers about her struggle with anxiety issues and how she overcame them, and does fun challenges with her friends on YouTube to tickle her fans when they are down.

Zoella is an inspiration because despite her increasing popularity and the huge opportunities she receives, such as launching her own beauty line in Bath and Body Works as well as publishing her very own book Girl Online, she remains a humble, easygoing and identifiable individual. In her videos, she shares tips and advice not only about beauty- but about life in general, and is a positive influence to her viewers, especially those of a younger age group. Many feel like they are chatting with her because she is so accessible that it seems like she reaches through the screens to engage with her viewers. This might seem intangible, but I took a look at her channel and to put it simply, I am hooked.

Zoella is but one of the many people that choose to put videos on YouTube, but more than it being a career, I believe it is easy to see her passion shining through when you watch her videos. Her smile, laughter, and even silly antics reveal an individual that is humble, fun-loving and most importantly, inspirational. If you have not ventured into this arena of YouTube, I suggest you give it a go- and start with Zoella. Being one of the giants in the beauty section of YouTube, I can guarantee you that she will give you an accurate definition of how interesting and enchanting the beauty community of this social platform can be.


Nicolette Kum

3 Wisdom




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