Movies are our idea of an entertaining way to kill time, or it could simply a hobby. Yet how many of these movies can you safely say has left a deep impression on your heart? Not many, I suppose. I dare say that Our Times is one of those movies.

Our Times is a Taiwanese drama centered on the plot of high school life. The protagonist, Lin Zhen Xin, is an accurate representative of many girls in this day of age- young, playful and eager to please her schoolmates- of the opposite sex. She and her friends spend the school day dreaming about singer Andy Liu, or gazing at a well build basketballer in their school known affectionately as Ouyang Feifan. However, they know better than to mix with the gang leader in their school.  Xu Taiyu, and his lackeys, makes it a point to bring disorder upon the compound.

What ensues after is a series of love triangles as well as scenes whereby everyone stands up for what they believe in. I shall not dish the dirt regarding what exactly they made a statement about so that I can leave you room for you to find out by yourself.

Our Times is so popular not only because of its attractive cast, but also because it has a relatable and inspirational plot. It calls for us to take control of our own destiny, and inspires us to make a statement on what we believe in. The story plot is weaved together with punchlines and tear-jerking scenes, adding something special to the whole storyline. One will be missing out on a gem if they choose to forgo this great production. Personally, watching it once left me wanting more and it was in no time that I was headed back to the cinemas with a ticket for Our Times.

Unfortunately, Our Times is no longer showing on the big screens, but I am sure it will be out in DVD stores and on plane screens in a matter of time. Since it is the hot topic, I do not think the plane companies and DVD store owners would pass up the chance to rake in some cash.

In conclusion, Our Times is a movie jam-packed with emotions and a rich storyline. I can guarantee you that you will not want to leave the theatre seats until the credits are rolling.

Nicolette Kum



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