headline_nicoletteWhat happens when the old has to make way for the new?  Chinatown Street Market, an old favourite for many since it was opened in 2004, has been earmarked for renovations. It is no doubt that such a decision is made since it has stood proudly for 12 years. The renovations are not just to attract new crowds, but it also factors in many safety issues that have to be addressed. The installation of sprinklers, fire-rated shutters and improvement of roof insulations all contribute to the prevention of fires. I am sure many would worry about Chinatown losing its essence while the renovations are underway. However, it looks like that is nothing to fret about. The works will be carried out in phases such that the shophouses there would not have their businesses greatly affected. This is also such that at any one time, the Chinatown Street Market remains open for customers to dine at. In addition, I feel that it is very considerate of the Chinatown Business Association to factor in a stop to the works during Chinese celebratory events like Chinese New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival periods such that businesses can go on without a glitch. Overall, renovations works will take place for up to 159 stalls in the market.

Personally, as much as many are resistant to change, I think that in cases like these, the old does have to make way for the new- such that the environment can be more attractive and safe for visitors. At the same time, I am quite sure the essence of Chinatown will not be lost as shophouses and old businesses still stands strong. In fact, the old does not have to make way for the new- they can coexist. Having an influx of the old and new in Singapore will certainly make the land more attractive. I am looking forward to the change, are you?

Nicolette Kum

3 Wisdom


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