A rising trend in Singapore’s food industry lately, fried ice cream rolls that originate from Thailand are available at many more dessert stalls. Fried ice cream rolls are made from pouring milk on an iced grill, before continuously smashing and chopping them while mixing in various toppings, be it fruits, chocolates or even marshmallows. The slightly hardened ice cream is thereafter rolled into thin pieces and topped off with sauces.

After trying out this sinful creation, it almost felt like a mixture of yogurt and ice cream, of course topped with my favourite toppings and fruits – I personally find it rather similar to llao llao, even in terms of pricing. It is certainly not as soft and does not melt as fast like normal ice cream and it also has a tinge of crisp in it especially at the top of the roll so it really provides a tantalizing taste overall.

I got my first cup of these ice cream rolls at Coyoro – the first stall in Singapore that sells this dessert, at $7.90. Though it was a bit pricey, I personally find it worth the try. Another popular place nearer town will be 21 Artisan Ice Cream located at SCAPE which serves it at a lower price of $5.90. Selling it at an even lower price of $3.90 will be THE FAMOUS ICE CREAM ROLLS SHOP located at Thomson V Two.  If you are a great fan of these cold desserts, be sure to try it!

Rachael Fong



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