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Like what you see in the picture above? Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you- that really is a chunk of raw meat… And egg. Steak Tartare features minced, raw beef that is often topped with an aesthetically pleasing egg yolk. It is normally seen in French or Italian restaurants, and not as uncommon as you think. This peculiar meal might appeal most to those who like their steak really rare, and many think of it as ‘beef ice cream’ due to its cold, smooth texture.

Like all raw meats, there are health concerns; such as contamination of the beef by bacteria or parasites. However due to the tight meat structure of beef, this is one of the rare meats you can eat freshly raw like fish (poultry and pork on the other hand tend to harbour more dangerous organisms). Still, those who have weak immune systems are highly discouraged from attempting steak tartare.

But for all the daring others though, there are a surprising number of restaurants in Singapore which have this dish on their menu. Just make sure that your stomach is up for it! I have personally never tried this dish before, so be sure to tell me your thoughts on this interesting dish!

Restaurants Selling Beef Tartare


Founder and executive chef Daniel Sia believes his steak tartare is best served 5 to 7˚C below room temperature, as this enhances the nutty nuances of his hand-chopped U.S. Choice grass-fed striploin. Instead of an egg yolk, he nestles two quail eggs in the centre of the meat, which break open to reveal runny yolks. Shallots, Tabasco, ketchup, gherkins and capers add tang to the meat, which is served with four divine discs of crisp truffle hash browns.

Address: 26B Dempsey Road

Tel: 6476 5035



True to what steak tartare is supposed to look like, Balzac’s version is served with a creamy egg yolk. The mixture of capers, onions and other spices complements the chunky mince of tenderloin well.

Enjoy it with a side of fresh rocket leaves and thin-sliced French fries.

Address: 9 Bras Basah Road #01-01 Rendezvous Hotel

Tel: 6336 0797



Bistecca’s version of a steak tartare is its Manzo, a generous mound of wagyu tenderloin ground in-house. The yolk topping it comes chilled, adding cool, creamy richness to counter the addition of spicy jalapeno rings in the meat. Pile the luscious buttery meat on thin rounds of Tuscan bread, which are char-grilled till lightly smoky and ever-so-crisp.

Address: 25 Mohamed Sultan Road

Tel: 6735 6739


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