Anastasia is a movie that was released in 1997. It is an awesome animated musical film that tells a story about a girl called Anastasia. I wouldn’t want to give too much away, so these are just some of the details that you can know just to get a glimpse of this fascinating film.

An evil man who hated the royal family cursed them such that they will be killed. As a part of the royal family, Anastasia had to run for her life but unfortunately, she couldn’t get onto a train with her grandmother that was setting off to Paris. A couple of years later, Anastasia had grown up. She had been raise in an orphanage and because she lost her memories, she did not know of her royal heritage. A young man and his partner “befriend” her with the intention of finding her true family in Paris as she said that the only clue she had of her family was a necklace saying “Together in Paris”. Thus they set off to Paris with many obstacles to overcome…

I absolutely adored this movie! It was one of my favourite childhood movies. I loved the music that was so melodious and wonderful. I also liked the plot of a princess finding her true self. Anastasia isn’t just a ditsy princess. She’s strong-headed, smart and brave. It was one of the few animated movies that weren’t produced by the big names, like Disney or Pixar. It also stood out in the sense that the female and male leads had chemistry, not the “Love at first sight” cliché.  Overall, I would recommend that you give it a try! You’re never too old to enjoy a good animated movie, aren’t I right?

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