Music can come in many forms, be it singing, rapping, dubstep, instrumental, beatboxing, and many more. But have you heard of Vocaloid?

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software which enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers. To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics which they usually come up with themselves. One could even say that it is the pinnacle of Japanese pop music. Of course, vocaloid is not only limited to the Japanese Language. With the constant updates of its engines, users can now create songs in other languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

The thing that makes vocaloid so unique is that no matter who you are, you can always create music of your own. In vocaloid, there are a variety of voices to choose from, and each voice is personified to become a one of a kind virtual character. For example, Hatsune Miku, who is currently one of the most well-known vocaloids. Due to the variety and diversity of vocaloids, the songs come in many different styles and have many different themes, turning it into a whole new genre of music. Every song explores a different concept and each song has a unique and different story. Here is a music video of one of the most well-known vocaloid songs of all time, “Senbonzakura” sang by Hatsune Miku.


Of course, if you are not a big fan of this type of music, vocaloid songs also come in many different styles, and can be slow or fast, pop or jazz.  Here is a rather fast paced song called “Lost ones weeping” sang by Kagamine Rin. And the song sings about the consequences of being bullied in school.


Vocaloid has become so popular in Japan, that there are whole concerts featuring songs sung by 3D life size holograms of vocaloid characters in real life.

Hence if you are a fan of music and would like to explore a whole new style, give vocaloid a try!

-Stephanie Guan (3Unity)




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